More Addiction Recovery Articles

More Addiction Recovery Articles


Past archived articles

October 2011

Alternative Addiction Recovery Course:

Introduction to the course

Recovery starts with a decision to change your life

Total abstinence and the zero tolerance policy

Do you need addiction treatment or detox?

Using support in early recovery

Taking daily positive action


What success stories of addiction recovery and overcoming alcoholism will inspire you to take action today?

What are the best treatment plans for substance abuse based on?

Quit drugs and alcohol forever without meetings or recovery programs

Why sobriety needs to be challenging

Where to get help for alcoholism

Gaining traction after repeated relapses – why an incremental approach to recovery does not work

How to actually stop using drugs and alcohol when you are hooked on them

Is a social drinker at risk of developing alcoholism or a drinking problem?

Information on bath salt abuse

How to get sober even when you do not want to stop drinking

Is there a good alcohol medication treatment available that really helps?

September 2011

Alcoholism and Drug Recovery Programs to Help You Stop Addiction from Ruining Your Life

What steps to take if you are having problems with alcohol or other drugs

What is the best relapse prevention model for beating addiction?

What is the percentage of alcoholics who stay sober?

How to ensure that you do not relapse on drugs or alcohol in recovery

Attending an addiction or alcoholism retreat center for spirituality

Living the just for today philosophy in recovery from addiction

Is there a good non 12 step approach to drug and alcohol addiction recovery that works well?

If you are not an addict then do not seek help for drug or alcohol abuse problems

I need help to stop drinking and recover from addiction

What does an innovative drug rehab or treatment center do differently?

Do I really need to go back to addiction treatment after a relapse if I already know all that stuff?

Do the causes of addiction change the treatment or affect your chances of getting sober?

Are all substance abuse treatment facilities pretty much the same?

A tip for coping with drug addiction and recovery

Information about sober living homes

My personal recovery philosophy and how it has evolved over the years

Does attending a luxury rehab give you an advantage over cheaper forms of treatment?

What are the options for good addiction rehabilitation?

Why you need a personalized aftercare plan when leaving addiction treatment or rehab

Getting the most benefit from your stay at a residential treatment facility

Treatment support systems for recovery from addiction and alcoholism

Why a drug rehab detox is helpful for success in addiction recovery

Tips for Success While Visiting Treatment Centers for Drug Abuse Help

Does affordable addiction treatment and rehabilitation exist?

Using substance abuse clinics to treat drug addiction and alcoholism makes sense

Which drug abuse clinics offer the best chance at success for beating addictions?

What are the innovative alcoholism treatments that are available today?

Should you consider a Narconon drug rehab facility – is it a scam?

What treatment for drug abuse can help me the most to recover?

Can brief interventions make a difference and cause the addict to attend rehab?

When do you need residential substance abuse treatment services?

The most valuable treatment resources for beating drug addiction and alcoholism and finding recovery

What addiction resources for recovery can help me the most?

August 2011

Which addiction recovery services can help you to overcome a drug or alcohol problem?

A prescription drug rehab solution for finding recovery from addiction

Are intervention services helpful in getting someone to stop using drugs and alcohol?

Recovering alcoholic behavior that leads to success

Which substance abuse services have the best chance at helping someone to stay clean and sober?

How substance abuse rehab centers can help you to find recovery from addiction

Analysis of an alcoholic suffering from chronic relapse and what they need to do to stay sober

Why step one AA is important for anyone who is trying to change their life and recover from alcoholism

Help!  I self medicate with alcohol and other drugs of abuse

How to receive the substance abuse help that you need

Are the causes of substance abuse needed in order to properly treat the condition?

How to use inpatient rehab to overcome physiological and physical dependence on drugs and alcohol

Why addiction is a deadly disease that is so difficult to treat properly

Alcohol detox – how long does it last and how can I deal with it?

Should I attend residential treatment in order to stop using drugs?

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