Metta Meditation Enables Recovering Alcoholics To Overcome Self Absorption

Metta Meditation Enables Recovering Alcoholics To Overcome Self Absorption

Boost Your Energy, Mood, and Happiness in Sobriety

Selfishness and the tendency to be self-absorbed are not rare among individuals with addictive personality. In fact, you could even call these two traits the calling cards of alcoholism. Emphasizing one’s merits and exaggerating the magnitude of his own problems as well as treating other people’s desires, hopes, and dreams with utter disregard represent a conglomeration of attitudes that will eventually lead to substance abuse, and soon after… addiction.

However, the terrible part about this outlook on life is that it doesn’t magically disappear after you get sober. Actually, it’s in the former addict’s best interest to overcome this negative mindset, because following the same path as before represents a surefire way to slide right back into addiction. Let’s find out what metta meditation is and how it can help you shed your former shell of conceitedness and egocentricity.

The Roots of the Practice

Metta meditation seems to have started in ancient India. The term “metta” originates from Pali, one of the oldest languages utilized in the region. While there is no absolute consensus with respect to its significance, most linguists agree that it reflects concepts like love and kindness. The rough translation however can actually confer a pretty good description of what metta meditation implies.

Isn’t Meditation a Thing Only for Hindus and Buddhists?

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The media, pop culture, and at times even our education system have done a pretty good job misinforming the general public in regards to meditation. A pretty common belief nowadays is that practicing meditation is something for exponents of eastern cultures and perhaps also wacky Hollywood stars who would do anything for attention.

However, in reality meditation is often practiced by many as a means to relieve stress, get in touch with one’s spiritual side, resolve inner conflicts, and even improve yourself and your character. Metta meditation is among the most recommended categories for individuals who would like to become more caring, thoughtful, and empathic with others.

Practicing Metta Meditation

There are many detailed guides on metta meditation, so we’ll just focus on the basic principles here. The first thing you’ll want to do is find a comfy position to sit (lying down is not advisable, as the state of relaxation may induce sleep) and start to focus on your breathing patterns, without trying to control them. On a side note, set your alarm according to the time you want to meditate.

Next, you should evoke moments of your life when you’ve experienced sheer unadulterated happiness and concentrate on maintaining that state. Continue by thinking about a very important person in your life and mentally “transmit” wishes of health and joy. Afterwards, bring up the mental picture of a person who is completely neutral to you and do the same thing. Wrap up your meditation session by transmitting the same wishes to every conscious being in the world.


Spending a few moments everyday engaging in this practice will gradually transform your negative mindset of self-absorption into a loving, caring, and understanding one. You will become more attuned to the world. The false perception that your problems, fears, and concerns have titanic proportions will gradually dissipate.

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