Make a Life Changing Decision for Recovery Within the Next 5 Minutes

Make a Life Changing Decision for Recovery Within the Next 5 Minutes


You can change your life in the next 5 minutes.

Seriously, you can.

You can absolutely change your life for the better right now by taking one simple action.

One step towards treatment.

Addiction is the problem. Recovery is the solution.

The question you need to ask yourself is:

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“How am I going to learn this solution?”

The answer is at a treatment center.

Make a simple phone call or fill out a contact form right now, this very moment……and your life could change forever.

How my life changed with a single phone call

I know that you can change your life with a single phone call because that is exactly what happened to me.

I was desperate, miserable, and sick and tired of using drugs and alcohol.

I was drinking and using drugs every day, but it wasn’t fun any more. It had stopped being fun a long time ago.

My parents were asking me when I was going to change, when I was going to do something about my problem.

Something inside of me just broke away. There was no great flashes of light or anything, but something inside me had shifted. I do not know that I could have chosen for this to happen, but it happened. I was just so miserable and sick and tired of chasing drugs and alcohol.

This moment of surrender descended on me, and I wanted to give it all up. I saw the futility of it all, of chasing after my happiness by trying to self medicate with drugs and alcohol all the time, and I realized that this was never going to lead me to true lasting happiness.

And so something broke away, I gave in, I decided to stop running and fighting and chasing for the moment. I was through. I had surrendered.

And in that moment, I told my parents to make that phone call to a treatment center.

I was ready to change.

I had become willing. Willing enough to make the phone call that would save my life.

Here I am now, over 11 years after that single phone call. I can look back now and easily see that this really was the phone call that changed everything. I can look back over the last 11 years and say “it was SO worth it to go to treatment, to make that first phone call, to get the ball rolling on a brand new life in recovery.”

Recovery is amazing

My life in recovery today is amazing.

But I want you to understand something important here….I am not simply saying “go to treatment and find recovery and your life will be all wonderful again!”

This is deeper than that.

Because I really believed when I was stuck in my addiction that there was no way in the world that I could ever be happy again in my life.

I really believed that I had ruined all chances of ever being happy again.

I thought that there was no way in the world that I could ever live “a normal life” again.

I thought that my addiction and my drinking had permanently changed me, and that I could never again be happy or content without using drugs or booze.

I really believed that when I was still stuck in my addiction.

I also believed that I was completely unique and very different from any other addicts or alcoholics on this planet who had come before me. Obviously, I reasoned, those addicts and alcoholics must not have loved to get drunk or high as much as I did, because if they really loved it like I did, they could never have become clean and sober. They would not go to rehab if they really loved drugs and alcohol they way that I did!

And so I believed myself to be completely unique in that no one had ever been as deeply in love with getting drunk and high as I was.

Of course this was all disillusion, all just my addiction talking to me, clouding my thinking.

The truth was that there are thousands of addicts and alcoholics who have come before me, all of them who loved to get drunk and high just as much as I did, and they still found a way to surrender to their disease and give sobriety another chance.

I know it is hard. I know it is the hardest thing in the world, to walk away from your drug of choice. Believe me, I know how scary it can be to think of facing life again without ever using your drug of choice, ever again. It is a depressing thought, believe me, I know!

But you have to be realistic, too. How happy are you, really? How happy are you with your life lately, chasing after that next drunk or high, constantly thinking about your drug of choice?

Sure, there are a few peak moments here and there with your drug of choice, but are you really happy? How often? All the time? Every day? Every moment of every day?

That is sort of the illusion that we paint for ourselves–that we can use our drug of choice to make ourselves happy, whenever we want. But the truth is that it stopped being fun a long time ago.

Admit this to yourself: chasing after your happiness by using your drug of choice has become a grind, it has become a chore, and most of the time it is no longer fun.

It used to be fun.

But not so much any more.

And if you are not having fun with it, then what are you really doing? Just chasing after the next high, because that is what you have always done?

Stop and think for a moment. After detoxing your body from your drug of choice, you CAN be happy again without putting anything into your body at all. This is true whether you believe it or not.

One phone call can get this process started.

You really can change your life, forever, in the next 5 minutes.

How your new life will unfold before your eyes

I can tell you how your new life will unfold because:

1) I have made the phone call and gone to rehab and watched my own new life unfold before me, and
2) I have worked in this treatment center for years and have watched the process happen over and over again for other people as well.

So I know the process well and I understand how it all happens.

You make the phone call. You make the arrangements to go to treatment.

Then you follow through. You pack your bags and you show up for rehab.

Simple as that. If you can make this happen, then you can change your whole life, your whole world, and start living a new peace and happiness and contentment.

This is true even if you don’t see a need or a want to do this. Even if you do not think that happiness is possible for you….you can still make this call and create this change in your life.

Many people who start on this path in recovery have absolutely no hope at all. They are at rock bottom, and they have nothing, and they feel no hope for the future. None at all. They do not care for the future at all. They have no interest in the future of their own lives because they are so miserable from their addiction.

If you are at this place of despair, I would urge you to make the call anyway and take action.


Because this is the same place of hopeless despair that I was at, and I did it anyway. I said to myself “well, I don’t think I can ever be happy again in sobriety, but I am miserable now, so I may as well go to rehab and give it a shot and see what happens.”

So this is the start of the recovery process, the beginning of your new life. You make the call or fill out a form and you start talking with a rehab center. Arrangements are made and you pack your bags and you actually go to treatment. You walk into a facility and your life changes forever.

Slowly, over the next few months and years, your new life unfolds before you. A million tiny decisions are made that affect your future and the lives of your friends and family. This all happens because you made that single phone call and decided to take action.

Treatment works. Rehab works. So when you make the decision to take action and go to rehab and follow through with this process, your life is going to change forever, in a way that you could never fully predict.

Sure, you realize that you will no longer be using drugs and alcohol all the time. You realize that you might change who your friends are and who you associate with and what you do with your time.

But the recovery process will push your life in new directions that cannot be predicted, affecting your life in amazing ways and creating ripples of positive change.

Instead of self medicating all the time, being depressed, and staying isolated for the most part, you will likely start doing some amazing things in your new life in recovery….things which affect other people, things which are based on positive changes.

For example, by getting clean and sober, you may one day help and influence another person to get themselves to sober up. Just stop and think for a moment about how powerful this can be in the long run, how much of an impact your recovery could have on the world. People who help others in recovery are literally saving lives, and the long term impact of these positive changes are incredible. Remember the ripples of changes idea….saving one life can actually affect hundreds or thousands of other lives.

If you take action today, a decade from now you may be looking back at your new life in recovery, and saying to yourself “How different my life would have been if I had used drugs and alcohol over the last ten years, rather than to live in recovery!”

One positive action today (making the call to a treatment center) can affect the rest of your life. Not only that, but it will affect the lives of your friends and family, and of the other people that you will eventually help while on your own recovery journey.

The future depends on your sobriety. The universe has important work for you, if only you will rise to the challenge and embrace sobriety and recovery.

What are you waiting for?

The misery of drug and alcohol addiction will always be there if you want to go back to it……

But how can I handle these massive changes?

You may be asking yourself:

“OK, fine. I could quit using my drug of choice and go to rehab and change my whole life. But how am I going to handle those massive changes? How will I cope and deal with it all without being able to self medicate?”

Relax… is normal to worry about these changes.

I know it is a big deal to walk away from your drug of choice and embrace a new life. I know it is likely the hardest thing that you have ever done, the hardest thing that you have ever tried to do.

But there is no need to be afraid of these changes.

There is no great energy that you have to muster in order to create this amazing new life.

All you have to do is set it off with this one phone call. From there, everything will unfold according to a new design, a new plan.

Recovery becomes easier and easier as you stay on the path of positive change.

It is just difficult to make the leap to this new path. But once you have done so, discovering this new life in recovery is very easy, very natural. It unfolds on its own. You simply show up, do what you can to learn this new way of life, and good things will start to happen.

There is this idea of inertia. You have been living the life of addiction, so you tend to stay that way. You’ve been rolling this rock down the same hill, every single day, and that hill is your addiction.

Well, you can simply choose to roll the rock down a different hill today. By making one simple phone call, you change the hill to one of recovery. So all your new decisions and all of your new life is based on the idea of recovery and abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

It actually is very simple. You simple decide to give recovery a try.

Life will unfold easily and smoothly from there.

But what if I am miserable in recovery? What if I fail to stay clean and sober?

If you are miserable in recovery for long enough then you will return to your drug of choice, simple as that.

If you fail to stay clean and sober, then you will face this same decision again some day.

But none of those fears have to become real, not if you do not want them to.

You can control these outcomes in your recovery.

The process is actually very simple.

Recovering from your addiction is nothing more than a long series of decisions.

Very simply, you:

1) Make the decision to call a treatment center and ask for help.
2) Make the decision to show up for rehab and follow through with their suggestions.
3) Make the decision to give recovery a chance and start making positive changes in your life.
4) Make the decision to put your health and your recovery first in your life.
5) Make the decision to take action in your life to create more positive change.
6) Make the decision to reach out and help other people in your recovery.

And so on.

Knowing what decisions to make is the whole point of going to treatment. At rehab, they will teach you what sort of decisions to make and what sort of actions to take in order to insure continuous sobriety.

Life gets better and better when you stay clean and sober.

Eventually you get to a point where you say to yourself “I am happier now than I ever was when I was using my drug of choice.”

And from there, things get even better over time.

Recovery is cumulative. The positive benefits of sobriety don’t just happen and then evaporate, they accumulate. The good stuff in your life just keeps getting better and better.

This is why that single phone call is so amazing. You can look back some day from a place of joy and realize that it all started with a single phone call, probably a phone call that you made when you were fairly miserable.

Two different futures

You are facing a choice right now, this very minute.

There are two possible futures in front of you.

One is a downward spiral towards chaos, destruction, and ultimately death. Your addiction never gets better over time, only worse.

Stay on the path of using your drugs of choice, and you will only suffer because of it. More heartache, more chaos, more negative feelings. It never gets better in the long run if you continue to use your drug of choice.

But there is another future that is open to you. A future of sobriety and of recovery.

You may not believe that this is possible for you, or that you would even enjoy such a life of sobriety.

It’s true though–you can learn to enjoy a new life in recovery, even if you don’t believe it is possible. Anyone can get clean and sober and learn to enjoy their life again without self medicating. Any addict or alcoholic can do this, even if they believe it is out of reach.

Now realize this:

The negative future is the default. The bad future of chaos and addiction will happen naturally, because you are addicted. That horrible future will unfold all by itself, without any help from you.

You can endure this negative scenario simply by doing nothing. No changes are required. Simply keep living how you are living, and chaos and destruction will result.

This is the natural progression of addiction. It leads to chaos, misery, and eventually death.

The other future, the positive future, the one where you learn to be happy again in sobriety–THAT future requires some change.

That positive future requires action on your part.

You have to initiate that future, and then simply show up and follow through.

It is as simple as rolling a rock down a hill. You simply have to choose a different hill.

You can do that now, this very moment, by simply picking up the phone and calling (888) 724-3186.

Or fill out the simple contact form and schedule a call back.

P.S. What is the worst that can happen if you make this phone call? What is the worst possible outcome? You have nothing to lose, just as I had nothing to lose when I made the phone call myself.


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