How to Keep on Track and Avoid Relapse

How to Keep on Track and Avoid Relapse


It is easy to become set in your ways. Leaving a life of alcoholism behind is especially tricky. Alcohol becomes a crutch, and it is a daily struggle to remind yourself that it is not a necessity to your well-being. So help yourself get back to day-to-day routine living without alcohol.

Standing on Your Own Two Feet

Setting up a daily routine is valuable to recovery. It provides a base for each day. If you start thinking about alcohol, ask yourself, “Will I still be able to accomplish today’s goals?” The answer is most likely no. From that point, it is determination that keeps relapses from occurring.

Find Your Passion

As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.” It might be cliché, but it is also the truth. Are you really into art? Start a new creative project. Is fitness the most important aspect of your life? Take time every day to go to the gym. If you want company with your activity set up a pickup game of your favorite sport. With your passion consuming your free time there will not be as great of a chance of relapsing.

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Meditation Techniques

Meditation provides focus and creates a balance in your life. For those who constantly jump from idea to idea with fervent creativity, the frustration that accompanies attempts to quiet their minds would cause more harm than good. Consider looking at meditation from a more encompassing perspective. Define it in terms of effect rather than specific activity.

Meditation is meant to quiet the mind and allow you to discover new things about yourself. Have you ever lost yourself in some sort of activity? This is a form of meditation. You lose track of time when you are completely absorbed in something set in front of you. When you come back to reality, you are more at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Gratitude Journal

Remembering to thank yourself for your hard work is an important aspect of keeping on track. Write down everything that you are grateful for ranging from the little things to the large. Congratulate yourself on your progress. This will motivate you to continue your way along a healthier path.

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