Why You Should Consider Inpatient Treatment

Why You Should Consider Inpatient Treatment


Probably the best route for most addicts and alcoholics to follow is to get set up for inpatient treatment somewhere. This is the best path for them to follow because it is the most powerful strategy for serving as a short term intervention.  There are a number of reasons for this:

1) Inpatient rehab is a controlled environment – this is a huge factor because most everyone who has tried to stop drinking or using drugs has initially failed, simply because they were too tempted to use based on the quick availability of the substance.  In other words, it is hard to quit out in the “real world” because there are drugs and alcohol everywhere.  In rehab, there is no immediate access to the drugs or the booze, so that alone is a huge protective barrier.

2) Inpatient treatments control your detox – this is another tricky factor when you are on the outside.  In rehab, the medical staff can control your detox and keep you safe in terms of withdrawal.  When people have tried to detox themselves, they often find it impossible to do so successfully, because it is very hard to resist the temptation to indulge.  For example, the alcoholic who tries to sip a bit of whiskey in order to calm their shakes in the morning….this usually does not turn out well.  In an inpatient setting,  you know that not only is it going to be a controlled environment, but it will also be a controlled detox.

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3) Inpatient rehabilitation offers support – the support factor can be a big deal when quitting drinking or stopping drugs, but most people overlook this because they have never experienced it.  Being in rehab with a group of peers who are also quitting drugs can be a powerful thing.  The bonds that you form with these people can help give you the strength to stay sober yourself.  Without support, early recovery would be extremely difficult and success would be very unlikely.

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4) Inpatient offers knowledge and insight – how exactly are you going to stay clean and sober for the rest of your life?  The question is overwhelming to the newcomer and treatment seeks to give an answer to that question.  Learning the skills and the tools of what a new life in recovery should be like is one of the main purposes of treatment.  In other words, they can teach you how to live again and they can give you strategies for long term sobriety.

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