Why Do Some Individuals Never Recover From Their Addictions?

Why Do Some Individuals Never Recover From Their Addictions?

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There are a plethora of reasons as to why some individuals are unable to get the life-saving help they desperately need from any given treatment program. However, as I learned from my AA group meetings, the biggest limitation people in this situation face is the lack of money, especially since few actually have the full amount of cash needed just sitting in the bank. While drug and alcohol treatments are not very affordable, the truth is that choosing to continue living with an addiction is far more expensive than figuring out a way to finance your treatment. Still, this is not the only reason why some people never recover from their addiction, as you are about to find out.

They are scared of the consequences

As a person who has been there, I can say for sure that the main reason why people turn to drugs and alcohol is that it helps them cope better with their lives. Because it is a coping mechanism, it is only natural that the mere thought of stopping automatically ignites a tremendous fear that they canít make it without their little aid. This is why recovery programs should integrate techniques to teach people healthier coping mechanisms.

The pain is not greater than the fear of consequences

When my therapist told me that I can persevere and recover from my alcohol addiction after it caused me enough pain, I didnít believe her. However, as a recovered alcoholic I can confirm that people wonít do whatever it takes to kick the habit before the pain becomes greater than the fear of the consequences. Since the pain Iím talking about tends to get progressively worse, I urge you to pay attention to the early signs and seek help.

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The underlying cause was not addressed

More often than not, people think that they overcame the addiction and are fully healed just because they went to a rehab clinic where they received treatment for two weeks. However, unless you also learn how to face and deal with the underlying cause that pushed you in that direction in the first place, you risk finding a potentially more dangerous substitute very soon. Simply put, if you have unaddressed emotional or psychological issues, then you will feel uncomfortable enough to need a quick fix.

Their progress is sabotaged

Even though family and friends are the first ones to notice you have a problem and advise you to seek help, once you take action you might notice how their enthusiasm wanes. This is often the case when the people closest to the addict used to act like caretakers and they feel their position threatened. If you notice a loved one constantly expressing doubts regarding you and your efforts, it would help to have an honest discussion with them.

They are simply unwilling to change

Some people have a wrong perception on what treatment programs imply and misunderstand their role in their own recovery. Kicking the habit means you need to change and implies making very hard and uncomfortable sacrifices.

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