Why Is It So Important You Choose A Rehab Center You Actually...

Why Is It So Important You Choose A Rehab Center You Actually Like?

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In the absence of true willingness to change, itís very unlikely that you will eliminate a negative behavior for good. Despite the fact that you underwent a rehab treatment Ė and that alone prevented you from continuing drinking Ė without a strong will, you will probably return to the bottle as soon as you get the chance. While it is true that recovery entails giving up alcohol, it also refers to making critical changes in your life.

Most importantly, for this change to occur you need to be a willing participant. Simply put, if you want to escape the downward spiral alcohol has thrown you in, then you have to be willing and give your informed consent to the treatments you are being offered.

What does informed consent have to do with recovery?

In case you didnít know, until the 1970s it was habitual for addicts to be hospitalized in treatment centers against their will. As more details regarding the Nazi atrocities came out, people everywhere started to manifest real concerns regarding civil liberties. What is more, during the 70s, the public was shocked to find out numerous horrific stories where alleged alcoholics were kept in Ďtreatment centersí for years based on the information provided by their families.

Luckily, nowadays itís almost impossible to commit a person Ė even an alcoholic Ė into a medical facility, unless it is proven that he represents an imminent danger to himself or to others. Because we live in a society that values civil rights highly, today you canít just make an alcoholic agree to undergo rehab or agree to the treatment if itís not to his liking.

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By electing to commit to a rehab center or undergo a treatment he finds appealing in any way, the more consigning and engaged in his recovery that person would be. Consequentially, he will want to participate in the numerous activities provided by the rehab center and make the best out of the time spent there. Ultimately, he will understand the havoc alcohol brought in his life and will actually want to change his ways for the better.

What happens when a patient doesnít give his informed consent for the treatment?

Both the physicians and the staff from the rehab centers agree that informed consent is important in the addiction treatment for the following reasons:

  • Patients will want to engage in the activities offered
  • Patients will make best use of the available resources
  • Patients will want to learn as much as possible
  • Patients will not experience negative feelings, such as anger and resentment
  • Patients will have the motivation to stay clean and sober
  • Patients will not experience trust issues in the future

Because a recovering alcoholic actually wants to be there and make the most of the time spent in rehab, the perspective of committing to a center in the future will not put him off. While itís true that not all relapse, these things can happen and when they do, you need to have the strength to choose the right path.

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