The Importance Of Bolstering Your Mental Toughness In Early Recovery

The Importance Of Bolstering Your Mental Toughness In Early Recovery

mental toughness during rehab

Recovery should be perceived as the process in which you learn how to overcome your alcohol dependency. If you choose to see recovery in this light, then the entire experience becomes a physical process. Moreover, it implies that once youíre out of rehab, youíre free from alcohol†dependency.

Recovery is Not Just Physical, but Also Psychological

When I agreed to undergo a rehab treatment, I firmly believed that once the alcohol was out of my system, everything would get back to normal. While most people new to sobriety think that getting physically clean is just step one of recovery. In short, getting clean and staying clean in this context are two different concepts; the former is physical, while the latter is mental.

It may seem hard at first, but getting clean is actually a lot simpler than staying clean, a fact that you will be confronted with for the rest of your life. Since youíll be forced to tackle this problem on a daily basis, the best thing you can do is refine the skills and perfect the abilities that can help you reach this goal.

Practice, Donít Just Get By!

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Refusing to assume any responsibility for your actions and simply getting by is a dangerous barrier in the recovery process. While you could justify your attitude as a means of not getting in anyoneís way, what you donít realize is that youíre at risk of becoming complacent. Given that complacency is a state where the individual lacks the motivation or desire to do anything, you can understand how this flawed logic can affect a recovering alcoholic.

Finding new goals and a meaning for your life are two aspects that canít be stressed enough in recovery. When you lack the motivation to do anything, chances are youíre not too eager to discover and achieve your goals either. Since youíll be completely dissatisfied with your life, youíll probably end up drinking again.

Learn How to Stay Sharp From Early Recovery

From a broad perspective, I can say that alcoholics and non-addicts share a common goal: getting their mental faculties up to speed. The main difference, however, is that the former category jumpstarts their cognitive capacities chemically, while a considerable percentage of the latter prefer the natural approach. What this means is that once you canít rely on chemicals anymore, learning how to stay sharp naturally is your only option for living a rich and satisfying life.

What helped me get back my mental sharpness after rehab was working on crossword puzzles. Granted, during the period right after rehab, I experienced problems focusing and a short attention span. While I didnít have the patience to deal with the newspaper crosswords that I used to love solving during lunch breaks anymore, I did love the feeling of accomplishment from completing easier, smaller crosswords.

If crossword puzzles are not your thing, then rest assured any leisure game that implies analyzing data and making a decision will help you build mental toughness in early recovery. The important thing is that you start somewhere; in time, you will see that the more you exercise your brain, the better you will get at working with your mind and the more eager you will become†taking on more challenges.

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