How to Get Over an Addiction

How to Get Over an Addiction


Many struggling addicts want to know how to get over an addiction.  The bottom line is that there are many different strategies that you can employ, but really only one basic tactic and that is to take massive action.

You can try any number of different strategies for beating an addiction, such as a 12 step program, an exercise based program, a religious based program, and so on.  Regardless of which strategy you choose to follow, the key ingredient in almost all cases is take action.

Now if you are taking massive amounts of action every single day in your new life in recovery then you can expect some outstanding results.  You can expect to stay clean and sober and you can expect to start enjoying a life full of passion and purpose.  But in order to achieve these awesome goals you have to put in a ton of effort.

What do you have to do?

Turns out it doesn’t really matter.  As long as you are taking positive action every day your life will improve drastically.  For example, there are plenty of people out there who are working a 12 step program such as AA or NA.  Some of these people don’t do so well in the program and in fact the vast majority will relapse.  But there is a select group of people who are in those fellowships who have an outstanding life in recovery and are full of new growth and new challenges and they are embracing an awesome and creative life in recovery.  What are those people doing that the relapse crowd is not doing?  They are taking massive action.

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Every single day, they push themselves to do positive things for their recovery.  How else can you expect to change your entire life and overcome an addiction?  Did you really think it would be an easy or trivial matter to change your entire life?  Of course it is going to take a tremendous effort and you should expect nothing less.  Therefore you need to attack recovery with full force and go way overboard as far as the effort that you put in.  This is really the only true secret of recovery and the only real tactic that you need to employ.  Again, any strategy you choose (12 step, religious, etc.) is just fine but you need to embrace that solution with an almost overwhelming amount of passion.

Or maybe  you would also like to try getting over your addiction by using some new age vibrational awareness crap (Just kidding….not recommended, but an interesting perspective nonetheless):

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