How to Detox

How to Detox


If you want to know how to detox from drugs and alcohol then here are some general suggestions for you.  Note that there is a very important disclaimer first though, and that is this:

If you are trying to detox from either alcohol, benzodiazepines, or barbiturates, then you should seek medical attention, as withdrawal from those drugs can be life threatening.  You can actually die from not drinking or suddenly stopping those types of drugs.

Now let’s assume at first that  people want to know how to detox from opiates, such as prescription pain pills or heroin.  If this is the case then you really have 3 options:

1) Go to a drug rehab.

2) Cold turkey at home on the couch.

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3) Ultra rapid detox.

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Drug rehab is the best choice for most people, if you can afford it.  Not everyone has a means to secure funding for treatment though.  If you can get into a rehab then this is really the best way, as they can treat your withdrawal symptoms with medications and help keep you somewhat comfortable.  There are other benefits to going to drug rehab that also help to make this the best choice in most cases, such as the peer support you will get and the groups and lectures you will likely attend.

Cold turkey is not much fun and it carries a very low rate of success attached to it. Most people can not make it through this gruesome process because the withdrawal symptoms simply become too uncomfortable and they end up relapsing before they even make it out of the woods.  There are other reasons that cold turkey make for a really lousy strategy, probably the biggest of which is that you are still trapped in the environment in which you actively used drugs.  This points to one of the biggest benefits of treatment, that you have a chance to get out of this environment so that you actually have a fighting chance at stopping your drug use.

Ultra rapid detox is a fairly new procedure that is extremely expensive, even if you happen to have great insurance.  It is not a realistic option for most people.

Now if you happen to be detoxing from alcohol, then you should really try to get medical supervision or get into a rehab as this is not safe to do at home.   Then there are some drugs that do not carry heavy withdrawal symptoms with them, such as cocaine and marijuana.  If you are detoxing from those then you can simply stop using them and simply start treating your body right instead.  But if you are using alcohol or heavy opiates such as methadone, then your withdrawal carries serious risks with it including the possibility of death.  Yes, methadone and alcohol withdrawal can be fatal in some extreme cases.  In particular, alcohol withdrawal poses a constant risk of seizures, even if you have never had one before.

So the bottom line is this: if your detox is serious, seek medical help.  Your chances of staying clean and sober will go up if you do.

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