Herbal Detox

Herbal Detox


You have probably heard that it is beneficial to detox our bodies from time to time, due to all of the accumulated junk that we put into them through our diet, and also through the chemicals and pollution that we are constantly exposed to. I don’t know for sure if these things are really necessary or if science has concluded that these toxins are a real threat or not, and I do not think that it matters. Detoxing your body is still beneficial because the procedure for doing so has so many other benefits. Even if there are no such thing as “toxins” that need to be flushed from our systems, I will continue to go through these motions because of the other benefits it provides and because it makes me feel so good.

How to detox

This is just what I do, there are a million different ways to go about this but this has worked well for me and when I do it, I feel great. You might do other research or you might give this method a try.

I simply do a 3 day juice fast. That’s it. Don’t eat solid food of any kind for 3 days and drink as much juice as you like. I mix in some live fruit juice from squeezed lemons into every glass of juice that I drink. When you do this you have to strain the pulp out because the pulp is actually food.

Ideally you would want to buy hundreds of dollars worth of organic fruits and vegetables and run them through a juicer. I cannot afford that and so I simply buy about 30 dollars worth of V8 Fusion and add my squeezed lemons in to that. This gives the benefit of having the live enzymes from the lemons without having to spend hundreds of dollars on the fast. It is critical to have the lemons and without them you will experience a lot more hunger.

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Now I do not necessarily get into all the specifics of how the cleansing process works or how fasting works in the body and all that. The bottom line is that almost no real research as been done in fasting (possibly because there is no money in it), and the medical community knows absolutely nothing about it.

Detox herbal tea

Of course there are a million different ways to do it and just as many variations on it. For example you might drink a daily detox herbal tea, wild rose herbal detox tea, or what have you along with your juice. Or you might just do a straight water fast (not recommended for beginners).

I have experimented a bit with adding a plain green tea each morning during my juice fast. I drink about 2 cups and then move on to the juice for the rest of the day.

In the future, I am going to experiment with doing a three day juice fast, and making the second day straight water, no juice. This will supposedly produce a much deeper cleansing process and really detox your body at a deeper level. Mixing juice and water fasting is a lot easier than just doing a straight water fast of course. Doing this will produce a fast that is much deeper, as if a person had juice fasted for several days when in fact it was just 2 days of juice and one day of water. I am pretty excited to try and it and see what my results are like. Eventually I might even seek out some herbal medicine schools to see if I can learn more.

As far as the herbal detox element, I am not sure as to how beneficial it is to really add the herbal part in to the fasting. Some would claim that it is very good to do because of all the antioxidants that are in the green tea. Either way it is generally up to the individual to experiment and find what works best for them. If you have never detoxed your body at this really deep level with some fasting, then you might gear yourself up to trying it some time. You might surprise yourself.

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