Goal Setting in Addiction Recovery – New Year’s Edition

Goal Setting in Addiction Recovery – New Year’s Edition


New Year’s Day is upon us and of course that means people will be setting New Year’s Resolutions.

This can be an opportunity for anyone, especially someone in recovery who is trying to create a new life for themselves.

This also happens to be my sobriety date as I was blessed with the gift of surrender 8 years ago on this day. It’s amazing to me that I have made it this far and the point of this website is to transfer my experience and hope to others who might seek to do the same.

Now when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, a lot of people out there stick to the rather cliche ideas of either:

1) Giving up smoking, or

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2) Getting physically fit.

I know those are both very cliche and sort of worn out, but I wanted to make the point that those are both very good goals to have, in my opinion.

Why? Because for the vast majority of the population, those 2 goals will have the biggest impact.

If you are in recovery and you have accumulated some clean and sober time then you need to take a look a those 2 goals.

Now of course, not everyone smokes. And, not everyone is out of shape. However, chances are good that most people in recovery will be struggling with at least one of these issues.

And my point is this: both of these problems are huge as far as your holistic approach to recovery goes.

If you still smoke, then you just can’t imagine how rewarding it is to become free from cigarettes. The benefits are just so immense, so far-reaching. It is the greatest gift of recovery, to be free of another addiction.

And nearly everyone underestimates the power of regular exercise. It’s about so much more than just dropping a few pounds. Regular, vigorous exercise can literally change your life – providing you with the feel-good chemicals that your body so desperately craves. The benefits of doing so regularly are deep-reaching as well, going far beyond the mere physical. It will help balance you emotionally and mentally if you adopt a regular routine.

So even though it is a bit cliche, I would urge everyone out there to take a close look at their situation and ask these 2 questions:

1) Should I stop smoking?

2) Should I start exercising on a regular basis?

Depending on your answers you have a strong guideline to where you should be focusing your next creative efforts. Neither of these goals are easy to achieve but both of them have an absolutely huge payoff.

These are arguably the 2 biggest physical-based goals outside of getting clean and sober. These are your next steps in holistic recovery. And, everyone else is trying to achieve them anyway because it’s New Years. So you may as well dive in and pick a goal and knock it out this year.

It’s 2009. Go create something.


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