Free eBook – Overcoming Addiction

Free eBook – Overcoming Addiction


A completely FREE book about beating addiction. Learn about strategies and techniques that REAL addicts and alcoholics are using to stay clean and sober. Includes a section about how you can help addicts to recover.

Download your free copy of my book, “Overcoming Addiction.”

In the book, you’ll find chapters about:

1) The real secret to overcoming addiction

2) How to use spirituality to transform your life

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3) How to stay plugged in to recovery so that you don’t relapse

4) What the common stumbling blocks are that can lead to relapse

5) How to prioritize your life in recovery

6) How to overcome self pity

And also:

7) How to tell when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol

8) How you can help them

I know you will benefit greatly from reading this book, especially if you apply the concepts and techniques that it contains, because it is those same techniques that have led me to 7 plus years of sobriety–and an awesome life too! Enjoy your free book and God bless!

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