Is there Free Addiction Treatment Out There?

Is there Free Addiction Treatment Out There?

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Is there such a thing as free addiction treatment?  Sort of.

On the one hand, addiction treatment is expensive.  Almost every form of treatment costs money.  Detox in particular is especially expensive, as you normally have to fund the medical staff in addition to the regular overhead.  Residential treatment is much the same way.  Obviously, long term treatment is not going to be cost-free.

Even milder forms of treatment such as counseling and outpatient therapy are going to have high costs associated with them.

So if the question is: “Is there such a thing as cost free treatment?”  then the answer is no.

But if you are just looking for a way to get addiction treatment for free, then there might be some options available to you.

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For example, many people who have Medicaid can attend rehab for free. They simply have to find a treatment center that accepts Medicaid as payment.  Doing so is generally not too difficult.

Another thing you can do is to call around and ask if there is any state money set aside for people to go to rehab with.  Some states have these sort of grants available and will use them on a first come, first served basis.

Another possible option is to consider the different types of treatment and how they are funded.  For example, some long term addiction treatment centers are funded in such a way that they are actually set up to help homeless people. If you can prove that you are homeless then you might qualify to get into such a long term rehab for free.  Most places like this will encourage you to go get a job, and then they will take a percentage of your income as rent money.  However, if you do not work, then you do not have to pay anything to attend treatment there.

Getting into a long term treatment center such as that can be difficult though, because space is limited.  Also, you would need a way to detox before entering such a place, and they will most likely require that you do so and not enter their facility with drugs or alcohol in your system.  So that can be a potential problem that might add to the cost of treatment.

Finally, there are thousands of 12 step meetings around the world that are essentially free and are supported through voluntary donations. Whether these qualify as addiction treatment or not is in the eye of the beholder.  Many people have recovered by simply starting to attend 12 step meetings without any “formal” treatment at all.

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