Finding Your Courage To Finish The Rehab Treatment

Finding Your Courage To Finish The Rehab Treatment

courage to finish rehab

Thereís definitely something frightening about taking this huge step in your life, voluntarily signing up for a rehab program. Iím pretty sure none of you walked through the gates of a treatment facility with hands in your pockets, whistling a happy tune without a care in the world. I for one, was mortified at the idea.

Why the Sudden Panic Attack?

Going to rehab didn’t just involve quitting alcohol, but also a lifestyle that was centered around it. The nights out with my friends when weíd hang out at the pub until the wee hours of the morning getting hammered, the couple of Jacks I had before going to bed, the Irish coffee that woke me up in the morning, all of this was about to become a distant memory.

I knew, even before we were told during the treatment, that I could never go back to the same life I had before. Moreover, after, or more likely IF, I was able to complete the rehab treatment, I would have to adjust to an unfamiliar world and become a part of it. And, to be perfectly honest with you, thatís pretty damn scary.

Courage Does Not Imply the Absence of Fear

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Iím aware of how cheesy that may sound, but itís one hundred percent the truth. Summoning the willpower to walk into the rehab facility is the first proof that you have the courage it takes to complete the program. In other words, putting one foot in front of the other and walking down the ďgreen mileĒ although you are terrified of what lies therein takes guts. But thatís just the start!

The Many Components of Courage I Discovered Throughout the Program and Beyond

Okay, so you’ve made it this far, and you are now a voluntary patient of a facility designed to help you and others in the same situation confront and deal with your drinking problem. Thatís all fine and dandy, but how long until the initial burst of bravery wanes? How long until you feel you canít go another day without your alcoholic coping mechanism to keep you sane? Turns out, not very long.

The good news is that there is a reason rehab facilities are more efficient in getting you off the wagon compared to trying to quit cold turkey on your own. You see, the treatment involves techniques of developing the mental strength and balance necessary to kick the habit.

Courage is nurtured for this exact purpose: maintaining a positive mindset that would allow you to resist temptations like giving up on the program early and eventually relapsing. Furthermore, actually admitting to yourself that you have a drinking problem and mustering the inner strength to decide that itís high time you dealt with it also requires courage.

Even when you fail Ė a large part of us will, a couple of times at least Ė it takes guts to get back on that horse and try again and again. Just remember, bravery is vital to your success in all endeavors and beating alcohol addiction doesn’t constitute an exception.

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