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Drug Addiction Poems: Writing Down the Road to Recovery

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Drug abuse and addiction are a public health problem to the tune of $181 billion for illegal drugs each year. The societal impact in the U.S. includes health care costs and costs related to crime besides the losses in productivity. Drug abuse and addiction contribute to family disintegration, unemployment, academic failure, domestic abuse, child abuse, and other crimes.

Options for drug treatment and therapy are as assorted as the types of drugs and drug users. A popular self-help method is journaling and keeping a diary. Addiction poems, addiction writing and addiction journals are creative outlets for people to write about their experiences. Creative writing allows people to explore issues of addiction and recovery. Writing can be about one’s own experience, or that of others.

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The writing may be private or public. Private poems might offer someone the comfort of fully exploring issues of addiction and recovery. As art therapy, the healing nature of writing is more critical than the criticism of the poetry as art. For those who seek to share personal experiences through poetry, besides group therapy session sharing, and personal counseling, there are additional online avenues.

Addiction poetry might be from the perspective of an addict about their own addiction issues, the effects of his/her addiction, recovery, and struggles. Poetry might be by friends and family about their feelings, thoughts, or to celebrate an addicts’ recovery.

Song lyrics are often merely poetry set to music. Consequently, the music industry is filled with poetry about a variety of life issues. Unfortunately, the entertainment industry is filled with songs, plays books, TV, films and magazines that celebrate the upside of addiction issues, without always providing the full picture. The full picture of drug addiction includes not just the glamorization of the highs, but the destruction that results from the inevitable crash. On the other hand, there are many songs that serve as cautionary tales.

David Bowie’s “China Girl” , Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor wrote “Hurt” wrote and sang about drug issues. Red Hot Chili Peppers front man, singer-songwriter Anthony Kiedis’s personal poem of his drug addiction struggles can be heard in “Under the Bridge” in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “The Needle and the Damage Done” Neil Young’s cautionary testament to others to beware drugs. Guitarist Danny Whitten overdosed at age 29 after the song’s release. “I’ve seen the needle and the damage done/A little part of it in everyone/But every junkie’s like a settin’ sun,” Neil warned.

Keith Richards, of the rock band The Rolling Stones, is a walking testament, along with other rock industry giants, of the highs and lows of drug addiction. Song lyrics, and the musicians or song writers themselves may come forward to reveal personal struggles with addiction, not shying away from discussion in interviews, autobiographies, biographies or memoirs.

Jim Morrison of the Doors, who is credited with poetic skill, struggled not only with alcohol but drug abuse. Morrison included drug references in his lyrics. “The Crystal Ship” is a popular example. Morrison died of a drug overdose at age 27. Richard Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon died of an overdose at age 28 at the height of his career.

Talented musician and song writer James Taylor wrote elements of addiction poetry in his famous “Fire and Rain” song. “Won’t you look down upon me, Jesus/You’ve got to help me make a stand/You’ve just got to see me through another day/My body’s aching and my time is at hand/And I won’t make it any other way.”

In the cases of Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, their stories are cautionary tales of recovery. Unlike Jim Morrison of the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Richard Shannon Hoon, and others, who while writing about their experiences through the poetry of song lyrics, lost their struggle with addiction.

Drug addiction poems can be part of a healing process as well as educational for all involved.

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  • Danny H

    We admitted we were powerless over our addiction

    Powerless, yea had my ass beat into submission

    UFC bad boy style, wearing a shirt that said Affliction

    Barely even left me with a single pot to piss in

    Ruthless, relentless, powerful and with a vengeance

    Up to no good, only terrible intentions

    Its ok though, time to humble up, acceptance

    Never forget, but move on, no need for repentance

    Used to chill in Hell everyday, now feeling the warmth of Heaven

    Felt like there was an assassin on my tail, Lucky Number Sleven

    In every way our lives had become unmanageable

    Lost everything, not just all the things that were tangible

    Car, job, money, even Moms gold

    Anything at all that could be bartered traded and sold

    Woke up one morning, decided to fight back

    Sick and tired of being sick and tired, constantly under attack

    Time to get rid of those feelings, heartless, loveless

    If that shit was Mike Tyson, call me Buster Douglass

    Dropped it to the mat, tenth round TKO

    Cant believe whats unfolding, live from Tokyo

    If you keep doing what your doing, you end up with what you got

    Stayed locked inside my home, drinking, smoking pot

    Wound up way to tight, tied up in a ruthless knot

    Excited about the future, bought my ticket to the dance

    By Gods blessing, been given a second chance

  • Danny H

    Just For Today

    Today I finally have the right to choose

    Today I choose that Im not going to use

    Today a drug is something Im not gonna abuse

    But I wasnt abusing drugs, they were abusing me

    I have the power now, I choose to be free

    Today Im proud of who I am, Im cool with being me

    I know that my true peeps are just a phone call away

    No one answers, its cool, drop down and pray

    Thats one dude wholl never turn me away

    Finally feeling empowered by something other than a drug

    At my meeting tonight everyone gave me a damn hug

    Greeting my friends with a smile, no need to mean mug

    Im at peace right now, in spanish the words ahora

    On a journey to find myself, Im an explorer

    That blue books like a map by my side, call me Dora

    Done more in the last two days than the last two years

    Feeling damn good too, no more useless tears

    Not afraid of the darkness, overcoming my fears

    Step into these rooms and feel like class is in session

    Cuz I know someones gonna speak, and Im gonna learn a lesson

    My higher power is speaking to me thru other people, what a blessin

    Tired from the constant run around like jet lag

    Twelve steps to build my life back, tools in my bag

    Feeling good about myself, walking with some swagg

    In charge of the evil forces now, Cobra Commander

    No more walking around stupified, Derrick Zoolander

    Loose as a goose on the hunt for a gander

    Gonna make this my home group, SIA (serenity in addiction)

    My desire to stay clean is all I gotta pay

    One step at a time, live day by day

    James is gonna sponsor me, introducd me to my brothers

    Were one big family now, even though we got different mothers

    Just a phone call away, there to help one another

    Living the dream staying clean no more dope fiend

    Proud to finally be a part of a championship caliber team

  • Melissa Wright

    Hello Everyone my name is Melissa Wright,
    I have visited your page often and have posted many of your pomes on a page I do Finding solace in Grief: I place each poem I read with a pitcher that I feel describes what I have read in your pomes, I wanted to take the time to tell you what a huge impact your work has had on many suffering drugs and struggling with their depression, it is part of my own journey in recovery as well, below this message I wish to put my story which is located on the page, so you may know also of me and please come visit the page and see the huge impact that it is making on so many people, peace n love to you all Melissa

    Below is my pinned post in Finding Solace in Grief

    Hello everyone my name is Melissa Wright I am from Hickory North Carolina I wanted to take the time to reach out to you my new found friends. I post many different post for addiction, depression and recovery in Finding Solace in Grief.

    I …Combine art and poetry together to inspire myself and others also to enable others to see through our eyes the many struggles of depression and addiction. It is truly spiritually healing for me and I wanted to share this experience with you. I hope these post will inspire you and touch your life’s as they have mine.

    I hope to see you sharing them with family and friends and in your groups as it is my desire to reach as many people I could to say hello my name is Melissa and you are not alone.

    I wish to reach out to you that are suffering at the hands of drugs, depression and struggling with recovery, as I have suffered them and felt so utterly alone in my despair, until I found a renewed sense of worth through Advocating against the things that was destroying my family and me.

    My history my Mother graduated as an EMT from Catawba Valley Community Collage NC in 1982 where she served her county with real gusto as female EMT as they were rare in the field at that time. She continued in the nursing program at Western Piedmont Community College in 1988 where she graduated with honors at the top of her class while raising us kids.

    In 1992 both of my younger brother were in a horrible car wreck on a Monday morning hit by a drunk driver that crossed the center lane colliding into their vehicle which flipped it end over end 6 times before it finally came to a stop. My brother Curtis Boyed Wyatt lost his life September 30 1992 at the tender age of just turning six-teen August 15.

    My mother fell into depression and fell into the hands of an irresponsible doctor that did not monitor her use of the prescriptions he was giving her, she used them more and more every day, I witnessed my mother dyeing slowly right before my eyes.

    My younger brother Carl Lawrence Wyatt which barley survived the wreck was soon treated by the same doctor at the tender age of just 13 years old. The doctor was giving him 90 7.5 mg Vicodin and 90 bars of xanax every 30 days for years, which in turn almost took him from me as well. For many years to come I watched in horror as my family was being destroyed and there was little I could do.

    In 1998 my father Curtis Boyed Wyatt Sir was diagnosed with cancer this sparked a whole new demon of use within my family. As we watched him die we all began to use varies drugs to cope with yet another loss. My mother ended up losing her nursing license for writing out her own prescriptions. This caused an investigation by the SBI, which in turn caused my father’s doctor to take away all his pain medications due to the lack of trust of his family members who was using them. My father’s death was exceedingly painful due to the limitations put on his medications. My father lost his battle with cancer October 16 2000.

    The last thing I remember my Father saying to me was “Sissy I Love You All The Time, “You Can Not Go with Me Sissy, If You Love Me you Will Live For Me to Honor my Name. Right there in that moment I felt so much love and so much pain. I went home fleeing straight to my secret cabinet and took out my bottle and poured one hell of a stiff drink and I began to cuss while I prayed.

    Somewhere, Some way somehow I heard my Fathers words to me again You Can Not go With Me as the phone began to ring, “Daddy is going.

    My Sister Marie Darlene Reece began to follow in the Foot Steps of our Mother in a Nursing career just as our father had fallen ill. She Graduated with Honors at the Top of her Class from Catawba Valley Community College in March of 2000 Daddy was so sick almost everyone missed Her Grand Graduation.

    Soon after daddy passed away, Darlene began abusing our mother’s prescriptions for depression and sure enough Darlene was being seen by the same doctor that was treating my mother and my brother which placed Darlene on the same regiment of medication Vicodin 10 mg and Xanax bars 90 tables every 30 day each to be taken every four hours as needed. Well as for me I drank and did varies different things and I watched as my family was being torn apart.

    It would be impossible in this post to tell the many over doses suicide attempts car wrecks and all that followed in the later years, Horror is the only one word that I can use to describe it.

    September 07 2004 my mother lost her fight with depression and drugs she just gave up on me her family and most of she gave up on herself. She was pronounced dead on arrival to her home curled up to the Bible with two Fentanal patches in her mouth. When I think about this I cannot help but think about me doing the same thing cussing and praying just to let go.

    My Fathers birthday was September 01 1947 and my Mothers is September 16 1949, we lost our brother Curtis Boyed Wyatt September 30th in 1992 Born August 15 1976 so this is a bad month for us all as you can imagine.

    This brings me to my sweet Sister Darlene she was pronounced dead upon arrival at the same residence September 27 2004 twenty days after my mother found dead laying beside a walk in closet with multiple cursed pills saline and syringes. It was ruled that she committed suicide by melting down one of our mothers Fentenal patches and shooting it into her Femoral artery.

    Darlene left behind two young children just coming into their teens a Sister and a brother who loved her so very much.

    Over the years I have had many battles with the only sibling I have left, he has challenged my best nerve at times but I refused to let him quite on me. He almost lost his life on more than one occasion I assure you. Just last year May 18 2012 he had a very serious suicide attempt. He had taken 27 400 mg Serqoul I found him lifeless in his living room floor with a heartbeat of 3 beats a minute and gagging. I still get cold chills when I think about it.

    He died three times on rout to Caldwell Memorial Hospital and coded an additional 2 times upon arrival. They almost stopped working on him when he flat lined for 4 minutes and 33 seconds. He was on life support for 13 days and thought he may have brain damage if he woke up ever again. He would have left behind 4 children the youngest turning one July 01 which is Hope….

    Praise the Lord had mercy on me I believe because the Lord knew I could not bear it after all the loss I have suffered and he spared the life of my only brother.

    I have never felt so blessed to see him today finial realizing what I have been preaching to him since the death of our Father in 2000: You cannot Go With Me, I Love you all the time Love Dad.

    My brother is now Clean of prescription medications crack cocaine weed and lots of things numerous in list. He has found new hope in his life throughout his life in the love of Advocating to others his journey.

    Where he has found that it is by Living we Honor our family, and by Advocating we are taking down the Beast that has hurt Us.

    My brother he too has bared my pain as we are one he and I but we will cover that another time as I feel I kept you to long already.

    This has been just a glimpse into my life I hope it helps someone out there to know I hear you, I pray for you, I know you, I am you and I care about you.. Peace-n-love Melissa

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