Detox Center

Detox Center


If you are hooked on either alcohol or other drugs then you should consider going to a detox center to get some help.  Most every drug rehab will have a medical detox unit in which you can be supervised while you are coming off of drugs and alcohol.  They will also likely have a residential program in which you can attend groups and lectures about addiction and recovery so that you can learn some coping skills for after you leave treatment.  It does not do you much good to detox if you end up relapsing again in a week or two.

Most detox centers are expensive.  Treatment is not cheap.  This is a huge and growing problem, because the target audience for treatment is usually dead broke and scrambling to find money every day so that they can go feed their addiction some more.  It is a vicious cycle and one that typically drains money very quickly.

This becomes even more complicated because most drug addicts and alcoholics eventually lose their job.  This is around the time that many people will consider taking a hard look at their life and think about changing some things.  They will probably be most desperate and most out of money when they get to a point when they are finally willing to consider treatment.  This is bad timing.  Too bad the drug addict could not consider getting some help when they have lots of money and things are going good.  But of course that would never happen as that is when it is very easy to justify our drug use.  We have an easy excuse when we have plenty of money and things are going good.  It is only when the chips are down that we really have to face our addiction problem squarely and realize that we have no money and that we need serious help.

So how do drug addicts ever afford to go to treatment?  Depending on where you live and what you situation is, there a couple different sources of funding.  If you have Medicaid you can usually get into a place.  If you have private insurance you can go but you might have to fork over a huge copay.  There used to be state money in many places for treatment but most of that money has dried up in a tough economy.  And of course, you can pay cash (if you have it).

Going to a detox center is pretty expensive so you should make sure that you are really ready to stop using drugs and alcohol and commit fully to your sobriety before you take the plunge.  It is an awesome new life and of course it is worth every penny that you might have to put up in order to get detoxed, but it becomes very costly if you end up relapsing.

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Take treatment seriously and make a full commitment to yourself.  It is only then that the high price of treatment becomes reasonable.

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