Christian Rehab

Christian Rehab


Are there any advantages to going to a Christian rehab versus a traditional treatment program?  Are there any studies out there that show improved success rates?  Or worse rates of success?  Does the element of religion help more people or does it actual deter some people from finding long term sobriety?

These are typical questions that people might have when it comes to Christian drug rehab programs.  Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities when it comes to these types of treatment centers.

Not all Christian rehabs are free, but many of them are set up as a free ministry of sorts.  People are expected to study the religion and worship in order to stay in the rehab facility, but there is essentially no fees for doing so once someone is accepted into the program.  There are other religious treatment centers that have a similar setup in that they are free, but they do require that the residents work for them once they are well enough to do so.

I myself went to 3 traditional treatment centers that had no religious backing at all before I finally “got it” and stayed clean and sober.  Therefore, I have no direct experience with religious treatment programs.  However, I work in a traditional drug treatment center, and I talk to many new residents that have been to various other rehabs, including Christian ones.  So I do hear plenty of feedback about them.  Here is what I have learned:

* Most people do not like the idea of having a religion forced on them at a treatment center.  Of course, they are not really being forced, because they elected to go to the rehab in the first place.  In many cases, the people I spoke with went to a religious program because it was basically “the last stop on the block with the light on,” so to speak–they simply had no where else to go, they were flat broke and kicked to the curb, and their only remaining family that would even speak to them had agreed to take them to a Christian rehab.  So it is a tough sell for most addicts and they seem to enter a place like this kicking and screaming.

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* Surprisingly, I heard many people say that it helped them a lot even though they hated it.  Not everyone said they hated it of course, but those who did almost always said it was a good program nonetheless, and that you could get sober their and change your life if that was what you wanted.

* Due to the fact that success stories do not return to treatment centers, I only got to hear from addicts who had failed.  But even so, many of them had positive things to say about religious rehabs, even when they were dead set against the religious part of them.  So that was encouraging to me.

It sounds like, at the very least, you can get some serious help at a Christian rehab.  The only thing that would really prevent you from a healing experience would be if you block yourself from it.  Some people will put their foot down and not participate in the religious part, and that is their choice.  There are other rehabs out there…..

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