Christian Addiction Treatment Could be the Alternative You are Looking For

Christian Addiction Treatment Could be the Alternative You are Looking For


Christian addiction treatment could be the alternative to regular rehab that produces a breakthrough for you or your loved one.  Most people resist the idea of using religion to treat drug or alcohol addiction, but if nothing else is working then it might be worth trying.  If regular rehabs continue to fail for you then why not try something different?  You never know what will click with you when experimenting with new methods of treatment.

In the 12 step program they have several sayings that would encourage anyone to give Christian treatment a chance.  For example, they say “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.”  Well if you have tried 12 step recovery over and over again and you keep relapsing, then it is time to try something different.  Christian rehab is one such alternative.

Another thing that they say in 12 step circles is “take what you need and leave the rest.”  This is good advice for anyone who is in recovery because there is always so much information being thrown at you.  There are a million and one tips for recovery and you can’t possibly use all of them all of the time.  Therefore you have to prioritize how to live and that means you need to filter some information out.  If you give Christian treatment a chance you might be surprised by what you find.  Take what works for you from their model of recovery and use it to your advantage.

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So many people get offended by religion or by the idea of using religion for treatment, but the truth is that there is more to a Christian treatment program than just the religious element. If you do go to such a place you will realize that there is more depth to their program than just surface level religious stuff, and there is real value in following what they are saying.  This is not about being brainwashed into following some cult religion so that you can stay clean and sober like a zombie.  Most Christian treatment centers offer real recovery if you are willing to keep an open mind about it.

The bottom line is that you need to do something in order to recover.  It is not going to happen by sitting at home on the couch and wishing things were different.  You need massive action and going to treatment is massive action.  If you have tried traditional programs in the past and failed then maybe it is time to try a new model of treatment.

Of course the religious path is not for everyone, but you would be surprised at how much your life can change if you are willing to be open minded about it.  Many people have found recovery who were once very much opposed to religion, simply because they ran out of options and ended up checking into a religious based facility.

Sometimes we have to be ready for the message to appear.  The transition to recovery is a prime time for that to happen, so be open to the idea of a religious based recovery.