Everyone Underestimates the Difficulty of Addictions Treatment at First

Everyone Underestimates the Difficulty of Addictions Treatment at First


The best course of action for getting addictions treatment for most people is going to be to go to inpatient rehab.  There are a number of other treatment options available for treating addiction, but inpatient rehab is probably the best solution in most cases.  Why?  Simply because it offers the most protection and the best chance for at least short term success.

It is a cinch to stay clean and sober while you are at an inpatient treatment center.  The reason for this is simple: it is a controlled environment with no access to drugs or alcohol. So staying clean is really easy, at least while you are there.  Anyone who claims otherwise has not given rehab a fair chance.  Medical detox areas make it easy and practically painless to detox from almost any drug.  There really are no excuses when it comes to short term rehab.  Any addict who checks in and has the will to at least stick it out for a few days will be able to accumulate at least a short amount of clean time while they are there. Leaving rehab back into the freedom of the real world, on the other hand, is another story entirely.

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What does it take to stay clean after you leave addiction treatment?  Quite a bit.  Everyone underestimates the amount of effort it will take to maintain sobriety at first. So nearly everyone relapses at least once or twice before they finally “get it” and realize what is necessary to keep them clean and sober.  Truly, the amount of effort required is beyond that of most other things that we have done in life, because the amount of change that is required is so intense.  They say that you have to “change everything.”  This is largely true.  It is not so much that everything changes, because really, nothing changes.  What changes is how the addict deals with life, in every possible aspect and in every possible situation.  This requires continuous effort and action on the part of the addict.

Massive action is the only way for a newly recovering addict to stay clean and sober in early recovery.  Their exact actions and the exact treatment strategy that they follow are largely unimportant.  What matters is that they are taking positive action every single day.  This is the path to real recovery from addiction and this is how they will manage to stay clean after they leave rehab.  If they do not take massive action then they will automatically revert back to their addictive ways.

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