Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Services


What are some addiction treatment services that a struggling addict might look into in order to get help?  What options are available to struggling addicts and alcoholics?

Well for starters there is detox and residential treatment.  This is the typical stay at a 28 day rehab program, that is normally preceded by detoxification.  When people talk about checking into rehab or treatment of some sort, this is what they are generally referring to unless they get more specific.  Rehab is residential treatment, pretty much.

Many rehabs are no longer 28 day programs, and this is basically due to economics.  Longer stays don’t always work so well, and they tend to be outrageously expensive.  So most programs have shortened up quite a bit and are more like 10 to 14 days or so.  There are still some 28 day rehabs out there, but you can expect to pay big money to attend one for that long.

Now there is also something called long term rehab, and that is generally funded a bit differently than short term residential treatment.  Long term rehab is sometimes set up for homeless addicts and alcoholics and is sometimes funded with government money.  In this case it is not as outrageously expensive as you might think it would be, and in some cases it is even free.  But of course the people have to qualify for the services and if they have lots of income or insurance then they might not qualify for it.

So you have long term rehab, and also the regular short term residential, which is usually accompanied by detox.  What else is there?

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In my opinion you can split the remainder into the following three concepts:

1) Counseling or one on one therapy.

2) Medical treatments such as Methadone maintenance, Ultra rapid detox, or Suboxone therapy.

3) Outpatient treatment.

Now of course there are other forms and types of treatment out there, but residential treatment combined with those 3 options pretty much covers the major bases.  If you are seeking substance abuse treatment services, then it is likely that you are looking into one of those options.

So the question for everyone eventually becomes: “Which one is right for me?”  Or some might ask: “What is the best possible option to get the best results?”

Obviously this will vary among individuals.  As a general rule, however, you should note that the more intense types of treatments are generally going to yield better results.  For example, long term rehab will probably yield slightly better results than shorter term stays.  This is nothing more than a general rule, however, and cannot be used to predict real world results.

I have often told struggling addicts that if they have tried treatment before and it has not worked well for them, then try again….but try a more intense form of treatment.  If you tried outpatient or counseling, then try inpatient rehab.  If you have tried inpatient rehab and failed, then try long term.  If you have done everything, then do everything again, but do it with more commitment than before.  Follow through this time.  Make a decision on a really deep level that says that things will be different this time.

Some people who are new to the world of treating addiction may think that a magic bullet must exist.  They believe that if only they paid enough money to send their loved one to the absolute best rehab in the world, then surely they would get better results than if they take them down to a free rehab that is set up for homeless people.  It turns out that this is not really true, and the quality of the treatment seems to have little bearing on the outcomes.

Willingness and conviction of the individual more than make up for differences in quality of service.  Either the addict is ready to change their life or they are not.  There is no magic wand…..

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