Steps to Avoid an Addiction Relapse

Steps to Avoid an Addiction Relapse


Many people with addiction relapse, and do not even see it coming.  The odds of doing so are actually very high because very few people who try to get clean and sober make it work on their first try.  It usually takes a couple of major tries before a person is finally able to achieve some meaningful amount of sobriety and clean time.

Avoiding addiction relapse

If you want to avoid relapsing in recovery then you have to put the work in.  What does this mean?  It means that you have to put in a massive effort into your recovery.  Most people seriously underestimate this level of effort and therefore they end up drinking or using drugs again very shortly after getting clean and sober.  After they have tried to get sober a few times, they start to learn and to realize just how much effort it must take.

Essentially you are trying to change your whole life. They have a saying in 12 step programs that “the only thing that you  have to change in recovery is everything.”  This rings true and it is just about the size of what you are trying to accomplish.  If you do not change your entire life, your entire situation, your whole attitude and your whole mindset, then you are not going to be a different person and you will end up using again.

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Basically you have to become a new person. Recovery is like being reborn.  If you do not go through this massive change then you will still be the same person who used to solve their problems and self medicate by using drugs or alcohol.  Think of it this way: you are an addict and you are very used to using drugs in order to live your life.  That is what you know how to do and you have done it so much and for so long that using drugs defines who you are.  In order to recover and start living a new life, you have to completely change who you are as a person from the inside out.  Everything will change on the inside, including how you deal with life and how you handle problems and relationships and so on.  Following that, everything will start to naturally change on the outside as well.  This process takes a tremendous amount of work to accomplish!

The only way to “get there” is to take massive action.  We are talking about major life changes and so you need to get serious and take a ton of action if you want to see these changes occur.  It is the only way to overcome an addiction and change your life in the long run.

Simply attending meetings every day is not enough, as many people who do that actually relapse quite frequently.  No, the action you take in your everyday world is what will make or break your recovery.  Holistic health should be a priority, and personal growth should be a goal.  Exercise, nutrition, meditation, spirituality, and emotional stability should all be considered at some point.  Growth is what will beat complacency.


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