3 Unique Strategies to Increase Success at Addiction Rehab Centers

3 Unique Strategies to Increase Success at Addiction Rehab Centers

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The key to doing well with addiction rehab centers has to do with inciting clients to take massive action in early recovery.  All else is secondary to this one goal because the biggest point of failure for addicts in treatment is that they typically do not put in the work.  What does this mean?  It means that they do not take the necessary action to really bring about a successful recovery and overcome the urge to relapse.

What can an addiction treatment center do that would motivate people to take more action?  Here are some potential ideas that might produce better results, though not all of these are actually practical in many cases:

1) Longer stays in treatment – if you can get addicts to stay in treatment longer then typically you can get them to take more action than if they are only staying for a short period of time.

2) More real-world recovery strategy – what if you took the clients in a treatment center and took them on a mini field trip each day out to a real 12 step meeting out in the real world?  This would be a lot of hassle, yes–but it might produce much more meaningful results.  Most treatment centers do not have anywhere near this level of integration to real world recovery.  At the most, they might have people from the 12 step groups bring a meeting into rehab so that they can show people what one form of group support is like, but this is an artificial meeting that does not really represent what they will find out in the real world.  It is a substandard solution.  Taking the clients out to show them real recovery groups out in the wild could be much more effective.

Local makes a huge difference here.  If the clients are in a local treatment center, and they live nearby, then integrating them into local meetings and groups makes a lot more sense.  Yes, there are issues with safety and security, as you might have outside people at meetings interacting with your rehab clients from time to time in negative ways, but this is a small price to pay.

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3) Charge more out of pocket – people will say this is a ridiculous idea, but if people put more of their own cash up for rehab, then they will naturally follow through more with actions that are suggested to them.  This phenomenon can be seen over and over again in many other examples (such as paying for a class versus trying to learn something from free tutorials….the paid version always produces better outcomes).

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