Addiction Recovery Tools

Addiction Recovery Tools


I don’t generally like hearing people talk about addiction recovery tools.  It used to drive me crazy to hear people use this analogy in 12 step meetings: “Coming to these meetings is one of my recovery tools, and calling up my sponsor is another recovery tool, and making out a gratitude list is another tool I use,” and so on.

In my experience there is only one recovery tool worth mentioning and that is overwhelming force.  Another way you might say it is “massive action.”  You can take all of these so called recovery tools, throw them out the window, and then replace them with massive action and you will have an absolutely rocking recovery program.

While so-and-so is at a meeting dribbling on about the various tools they use to stay sober with, you can be out in the real world, living a real recovery, and taking massive action every day.  What do I mean by this?  I am talking about living with passion and purpose and creating the life you really want to live in your recovery.  None of these traditional recovery tools are worth a thing if you are not using them with extreme enthusiasm on a daily basis.

So how do you get to that place?  How do you take massive action?

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The secret to taking action massive action is to simply take action.  Seriously.  Just do it.  Of course this requires a decision but don’t let that trip you up to much or it will just get in the way.

For example, you might start going to 12 step meetings and find that they really help you in your recovery.  If this is the case then don’t just go to a few here and there.  Go to several every day. Get involved.  Go deep.  Go big.  Really push yourself to learn and grow and get everything you can out of it.

Maybe you are not into meetings.  Maybe you are in to working with others in recovery in a more direct manner.  If that is the case then find a way to connect with others in recovery and then leverage that and make it grow.  I have 2 ways in my life (outside of 12 step meetings)  in which I connect with others in recovery, and I probably spend about 50 to 60 hours each week engaged in these activities.  I am not just dabbling in helping others in recovery.  I am taking massive action. I do it every day.

If someone starts babbling about recovery tools, ask them what they are doing with those tools.  If you are not taking massive action every day and pushing yourself to grow in recovery, then “tools” are just a waste of an analogy.

The “tool” that you need most in recovery is probably passion.  If you are not passionate about recovery then you are not going to make it.  If you are not excited to wake up and greet each day clean and sober, then you are going to struggle to maintain sobriety.


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