The Secret to Experiencing Addiction Detox Success

The Secret to Experiencing Addiction Detox Success

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What is the key to addiction detox and successfully recovering from drug and alcohol addiction?  Is it following up detox with a specific program of recovery?  Is it connecting with a higher power and finding a spiritual connection in recovery?  What is the secret to success?

The secret is in the follow through.  So many people try to get clean and sober and go through detox and they end up failing.  Why do some people succeed in recovery while others end up relapsing?  What is the magic formula?

You have to look at the big picture in order to get a clue about this. Most people have blinders on when they consider addiction treatment and the different methods of rehab and how different people stay sober.  For example, there are many people who honestly believe that a 12 step program is the only thing that could possibly help someone in sobriety.  There are others who have achieved success using a religious based program and see that as being the answer to addiction in general.  And then there are people who use a holistic approach that does not necessarily have a huge spiritual component as the focal point of the program at all.  How can all of these people be correct?  What is the common element of success that makes people stay sober?

The secret is in the follow through. It is in the action.  Another way to look at this is to say that the winners in recovery are those who have taken massive action.  That is really the only formula for success.

Take someone who tries working the 12 step program.  Maybe they decide that they will try to stay sober and so they say “I’ll go to a few meetings each week.”  Maybe they find a sponsor but they never really call the sponsor or work directly with them.  Is this person likely to stay sober?  Hardly.

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The same is true if someone chooses to follow a different program or a different model of recovery.  If they put a half hearted effort in then they are not likely to get great results.

Now on the other hand, say you take a recovering addict and you put them in a program–any recovery program at all, it does not matter which–and you tell them to throw themselves into it like there is a gun pointed at their head.  If they really attack the program with a huge amount of enthusiasm and follow through with it by taking massive action, every single day, then they are going to do great in recovery.  The specific program does not even matter.  The action is what is important.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you need a certain program or plan in order to recover.  You don’t.  You just need to follow through after a medical detox with lots and lots of positive action.  Anything less will result in relapse, regardless of what program you are following.  Do yourself a favor and take massive action in your recovery!

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