Should I Attend a Drug Rehab or Addiction Center?

Should I Attend a Drug Rehab or Addiction Center?


Getting help from an addiction center is generally the best path for any struggling alcoholic or drug addict.  There are a number of benefits to going to a drug addiction center and there are of course a few drawbacks as well.  However, most people find that if they cannot stop their drug or alcohol use on their own, then inpatient treatment at a rehab center is the best path for them to take, and the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

You have to consider what is at stake in most cases.  Drug addicts and alcoholics do not face a very good prognosis for their future if they continue to abuse drugs and alcohol.  The saying in the 12 step fellowship is “jails, institutions, or death,” and that pretty much sums it up.  If you are addicted and you continue to use and abuse your drug of choice, then you will eventually end up facing one of these fates prematurely.  Of course we are all going to die eventually, but it is not hard to watch a population of addicts and alcoholics rapidly self destruct as a result of not seeking help.  These outcomes come rather quickly after the disease starts to accelerate.

So a trip to an addiction center makes a lot of sense.  It is the biggest single step that any addict or alcoholic can take towards recovery.  There are a number of reasons that inpatient treatment represents the best choice for most situations:

1) Inpatient rehab is decisive. There is not wavering because the person must commit to go and stay there for a while.  They pack a suitcase and intend to stay for a few days or weeks.  In this way, an addiction treatment center can produce more meaningful results than a less permanent solution, like drug counseling for example.

2) Addiction rehab is protected. The environment is safe and free from drugs and alcohol.  This is not the case with other forms of addiction therapy, like outpatient or counseling.  The controlled environment makes a big difference for some people who would ordinarily relapse.

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3) Treatment centers are flexible in finding solutions that work. A therapist can work with each individual in rehab and find a solution that works for them.  For example, setting someone up for long term rehab might be the answer for a certain individual.  For another, group therapy might make more sense after they have left rehab.  So a certain level of customization is available at a rehab center that is not found with other forms of therapy, and thus can yield better results.

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