A Resource for Creating Change in Long Term Recovery – Habit Guide

A Resource for Creating Change in Long Term Recovery – Habit Guide


I am not normally one to review products on this website, but I found a book that seems to align closely with my ideas in long term recovery.

This resource is a professionally published book that is titled “Habit Guide.”  Ideally, this is targeted at people who may be depressed, overwhelmed, or just plain miserable with their life, but not necessarily drug or alcohol addicted.  In that sense, it might also be well suited for people who are clean and sober but are struggling to find happiness in recovery.

The author of the Habit Guide was nice enough to forward me a review copy, and I decided that the book was valuable enough to tell my readers about it.  The book is not free, but it is reasonably priced, and I was personally delighted with the professionalism and value that this book packed within its pages.

Here are some key takeaways from the book that will help you decide if it is for you or not:

* There are 6 pages devoted to the breaking of bad habits, and the rest of the book (77 pages total) is basically about cultivating good habits.  Thus, this eBook is really suited more for someone who is already living drug and alcohol free….someone who is in a position to start embracing healthier living.

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* Don’t buy this eBook and expect it to help you stop drinking or using drugs.  Those are unique problems that require special instruction and a lifetime of learning (see the rest of this website for details!).

* My personal philosophy of recovery aligns pretty closely with the ideas in this eBook.  For example, I believe that holistic growth is a key to long term recovery and better health.  The ideas in Habit Guide definitely align well with holistic growth and wellness.

* I believe that one key to creating lasting change in recovery is through the use of action. I advocate the idea of massive action and also using overwhelming force as a means to establish new healthy routines in recovery.  What are these ideas if not the foundation of establishing healthy new habits in recovery? In this sense, Habit guide seems to mesh well with my own creative theory of recovery, which is all about holistic health and personal growth in long term recovery.

* About 20 pages of this eBook are keyed into diet and nutrition.  The author believes that this is a critical piece of feeling good about yourself in the long run, and that it is also a central part of holistic health.  To be honest, I think it was a little bit overboard in terms of pushing a healthy diet and nutrition, but that might be my own insecurities because I struggle so much to change my own diet.  I tend to eat a lot of junk and exercise really hard and I tell myself that it all evens out.  This is probably self deception on my part, and part of why I just don’t think diet is as powerful for making people feel great.

* I would have to agree that much of my happiness and peace of mind today comes from healthy habits I have formed, as well as bad habits I have broken.  These 2 things provide the framework for the rest of my life to run pretty smoothly.  For example, I quit using drugs, alcohol, and eventually ditched the cigarettes too.  At the same time I started a vigorous exercise routine and I continue to run between 20 and 35 miles every week without fail.  I have also developed a very consistent sleep pattern over the last few years….something I originally struggled with in early recovery.

Taken as a whole, these habits have greatly improved my overall quality of life.

If you are interested in a sneak preview and a sample of the Habit Guide, follow this link and give up your email address to get a teaser copy delivered to your inbox.  (Don’t worry, they have a strict privacy policy and will not spam you!).   The full product does cost money, and it is certainly not for everyone.  But if you think you might be able to make positive changes in your life through cultivating good habits, then this eBook might be a good read for you.

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